• Theo Cornelissen

    AVAILABLE for worldwide assignments.


    I have been working on various international engagements in Europe, Middle East, US and Asia.

    Consulting/project as well as operational experience in Warehousing & Logistics, Transport & Distribution, IT-system selection & implementation, RFI & RFQ, Greenfield operations, pricing, SLA & KPI, complaint management, VAL & VMI, PMO


    I am passionate about performance improvement and do it right the first time. And in this I am determined to challenge old ways of doing things. You will find me presentable, approachable, knowledgeable and professional in everything I do. I am equally at ease in the Boardroom as I am dealing “hands on” or in a “one-to-one” situation. I believe a positive work environment filled with people with the right attitude is the route to a business’ future success.

    I have earned a track-record of success in managing complex business initiatives with knowledge of:

    • Creative design, problem-solving, analytical talents combined with infrastructure development experience, structured business skills.
    • Strong leadership talents, “team playing” attitude and spirit.
    • The natural ability to establish consensus among cross-functional areas with result an increased productivity.
    • Proven multi-tasking capabilities with strong ability to plan, prioritize and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines.
    • Setup RMA/Warranty / rework / repair / reconfiguration-flows and department.

    One of my greatest strengths is my ability to build relationships within and outside an organization.

    I’m holding an EU & UAE driver’s license..

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    Operations Manager a.i.

    The distribution center is approximately 90,000 square meters. The household chain recently fully automated and mechanized the DC in order to reduce delivery times and to serve both online and the stores via one modern DC.

    It is Blokker's only logistics center.

    Responsible for the optimal implementation of operational processes and management of employees within DC Geldermalsen at the right cost and quality ratio.
    -         Formulating the vision, policy and objectives for your own department, as well as ensuring that these are translated into the annual plan and budget;
    -         Direct and indirect management of employees (approximately 300-500), ensure the personnel cycle and apply personnel tools, coach and motivate employees in their development;
    -         Responsible for managing and planning activities, deploying people and resources and monitoring allocated budgets;
    -         Part of the DC Management Team;
    -         Responsible for achieving the DC KPIs so that stores are delivered on time, properly and without errors (OTIFNENC);

    -         Actively manage (interim) results and KPIs on a daily basis based on analyzes and identified deviations from finance/PMO and make immediate adjustments where necessary;
    -         Identifying deviations, determining priorities, initiating and implementing improvement proposals with regard to operational work processes, procedures, systems and activities.

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    Danzas - Dubai - UAE

    Danzas AEI Emirates LLC (a joint venture between Al Tayer Group and DHL; subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL world’s leading provider of logistics and communication services) is the foremost logistics provider in the UAE. With state-of-the-art facilities across Dubai and Sharjah, Danzas offers to its wide-customer base an integrated, portfolio of end-to-end supply chain solutions by ocean, road and air, warehousing & distribution.

    General Manager

    Jan 2017 - Jan 2020


    Support the Logistics Director creating and deploying the Division Mission and Strategy;

    • Ensure that the efficiency, cost control, and entrepreneurial spirit is resulting in increased volumes and GM%.
    • Establish excellence in our project delivery approach, ensuring we achieve high level of customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business with our preferred customers and ensure orders are executed in accordance with defined procedures and wherever possible, to ensure that estimated margins are improved by careful cost control, product purchasing and efficient management of labour.
    • In conjunction with the Commercial Team, take responsibility for ensuring the compatibility of terms and conditions of all logistics work.
    • Provide direction and leadership to the Danzas Operation Teams, ensuring the ongoing development of the team’s skills/competences and that resource levels are optimized to meet the company’s objectives. Ensure monthly reporting and forecasting is carried out in an accurate and timely manner
    • Participate as an active member of the Divisional Management Team, providing a proactive contribution to ensure that the overall Divisional objectives (including budgets) are achieved.
    • Ensure that the company’s policies & procedures are implemented through sales and operations & routinely assessed to ensure all Project risks are managed correctly & that levels of quality & efficiency are subject to ongoing improvement.

    Due to perfect site performances, take over extra business from competitor LSP's.

    In cooperation with the teams impl. a new WMS system, a Pick to Light system incl. a packing line, impl. outbound RFID loading gates.

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    Clipper Logistics - Germany

    Clipper Logistics is a leading UK, independent Logistics business. Founded in 1992 they have grown from a 4 man operation to a £235m, multi-site operation. They specialise in retail logistics and in the UK boast a huge and varied customer base from the small SME’s to famous brand names. ​

    General Manager Germany (Fashion/apparel) 

    May 2016 - Dec 2016


    Managing 3 fashion logistics sites in Hof and Munchberg in Bavaria - Germany.
    ´s Oliver, Comma, Liebeskind, Wöhrl (Adidas, Bugatti, Diesel, G.Weber, Gstar, H.Boss, Wolfskin, Puma etc... )
    Responsible for all the logistics within several sites.
    People, logistics setup, process design / improvement, Budget, Performance measurement, SLAs/KPI´s, Safety, health & Security, Development and rebuilding existing sites


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    Inalfa Roof Systems - Italy

    Inalfa Roof Systems is one of the world's biggest providers of vehicle roof systems. Inalfa designs, develops and manufactures sunroofs and open roof systems for the major OEM's in the automotive industry.

    Project Support (Automotive)

    Jan 2016 – Apr 2016


    Support the Logistics team in preparing a relocation of (Porsche and Audi) fully automated/robotic production lines from Italy to Poland.


    • Communication with Customers and 4pl’s


    • Involved in Inbound & Outbound logistics
    • Internal & External warehousing
    • Involved in Production feed and finished goods.
    • Relocation to Poland.


    • Transport to internal departments & customers
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    Ooredoo - Myanmar

    Ooredoo Group (formerly Qtel) is an international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar. Ooredoo provides mobile, wireless, wireline, and content services. It is one of the world’s largest mobile telecommunications companies, with over 114 million customers worldwide as of September 2015

    Logistics Roll-out Manager (Telecom)

    Jan 2014 – August 2015

    Setup Logistics and Transport in a Greenfield start-up for Ooredoo by managing complete logistics implementation.


    • Coordinate with all departments e.g. alignment of internal procedures
    • Write all logistics procedures & test scripts incl. Visio flowcharts.
    • Keywords > POS, Merchandise, Retail, Distributors, Franchise, LSP, Interfaces, Sims, Handhelds, Vouchers, Local Sim Packaging Solution.


    • Calculate logistics costs, bottom up and. (Financial assessment).
    • Setup inventory Mngmnt for Sims/Scratchcards/Devices.


    • Negotiate agreements with LSP.
    • In & Outbound Road/Sea/Airfreight handling, ULD breakdown & build-up, RMA, Warranty, rework/repair.


    • Make sure all interfaces/hardware between Ooredoo internal systems, Huawei NGBSS and LSP’s in place.
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    DBSchenker - Oman                                                                                                 

    Schenker Khimji’s LLC, a joint venture between DB Schenker Logistics and Khimji Ramdas Shipping LLC in the Sultanate of Oman. The company provides solutions in the fields of air and ocean freight, land transport, contract logistics, supply chain management and event logistics. 

    Project Manager (industrial)

    Okt 2013 - Jan 2014


    Support the UAE RFQ team.


    • Calculate and draw required temp. controlled Whs, Rest area, Empl. Housing (all according to Vastu shastra)
    • All logistics costs, master plan, storage, equipment, infra, staff, Green logistics, SLA’s, KPI’s.(Retail)


    • 45.000 m² in Masqat.
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    Essent Lighting                    

    Essent is one of Europe’s five leading electricity and gas companies. Active in the generation, trading, transmission and supply of electricity and gas. More than 66,000 employees supply over 16 million customers with electricity and approximately 7.3 million customers with gas


    Project Manager (Industrial)


     Jul 2013 - Okt 2013

    The largest generating, trading, transmitting and supplying Electricity Company in the Netherlands. (Industrial)


    • Logistics & Transport redesign.
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    Lubbers & Partners  – NL    

    The activities of Lubbers & Partners Logistic Services BV find (among others) place in the industry: Freight forwarders, shipping agents, shippers and other freight brokers in the Barge industry.

    Project Manager (Inland shipping)

    Apr 2013 - Jun 2013


    A Dutch barge company. (Inland shipping).


    Lead the RFQ for salt transport by barge. (NL <> B).


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    Lubbers & Partners  – NL

    Project Manager (Inland shipping)

    Jan 2013 - Mar 2013


    A Dutch barge company. (Inland shipping).


    • Write logistics Procedures & Visio flowcharts and map Logistics services incl. costs
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    Rudolph - Hellmann Automotive - Dubai

    As the leading provider of ‘on site’ logistics services, Rudolph and Hellmann Automotive specialise in removing inefficiency from your manufacturing processes. Born from the needs of a world renowned vehicle manufacturer, expertise ranges from the management of large time sensitive warehouses to direct production line feed and sub assembly.

    Ops. Manager (Automotive) 

    Mar 2012 – Jan 2013 


    UAE/Dubai - Spare parts & Oil business for the Middle East. (FORD - DC Middle East.


    • People Mngmnt & capacity planning,SLA, KPI, RMA..
    • Maintenance of equipment, racking, interior, premises & landscape.
    • Involved in the installation of a warehouse sprinkler.
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    Rudolph Logistics - Germany

    Project Manager (Automotive)

    Jan 2012 – Mar 2012


    VW spare parts business for Europe. 


    • Layout redesign, inbound / outbound procedures
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    DB Schenker - Dubai

    Project Manager (Aviation)

    Nov 2011 – Dec 2011


    Support the WW tendering team with the Airbus RFQ (Aviation)


    Calculate storage areas and equipment, infrastructure, equipment, personnel, green logistics, SLA’s, KPI’s, flowcharts.


    • 7,500 sqm in Dubai Setup SLA’s, KPI’s.
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    DB Schenker - Kelsterbach Germany

    Whs. Project Manager (Automotive)

    Jul 2011 - Nov 2011


    Support the German tendering team with RFQ’s (Automotive)


    Calculate storage areas and equipment, infrastructure, equipment, personnel, green logistics, SLA’s, KPI’s, flowcharts.


    • 35,000 m² in Stuttgart (Volvo, Porsche, VW) (Automotive).
    • 5,000 sqm in Cologne (Techno Einkauf) (Automotive).
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    DB Schenker - Ludwigsburg Germany

    Project Manager

    Jan 2011 - Jun 2011



    • Replace HP CUST (customs) & HP Athena (billing) System.
    • Design internal invoicing process DBSchenker.
    • HP <> DBSchenker rating system inputs in terms of HP programs. (Hi-Tech)
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    DB Schenker - Stuttgart Germany

    Transp. Project Manager (Hi-tech)

    Aug 2008 - Dec 2010



    New customer implementation, KPI’s, Go Life, start up, handover, Visio flowcharts.


    • Design transport lines for Dell from EU OEM’s into Russia using cross-dock facilities. (Hi-Tech)
    • Setup transport lines for Bosch from WW supplier to Bosch manuf. in India
    • Setup transport lines for Bosch India to WW shipping locations, customs & receiving procedures. (Industrial)
    • Setup transport lines for HP OEMs into DE, CH, FI, RU, PO and Baltics. Incl. reverse flows. (Hi-Tech)
    • Design transport lines for Siemens airfreight U.S. <> Europe. (Hi-Tech


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    Amazon - Germany

    Sr. Transport Manager (e-Commerce) 

    Okt 2007 – Jul 2008


    For Amazon responsible for managing the transport budget of € 14 million, Maintain and develop SLA’s with the LSP’s.


    • Audits in the FC and carrier network, MBR’s & QBR’s
    • Monitor customer satisfaction on postal code level and manage inbound to FR, DE, from the US & Asia.
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    Videojet - Netherlands

    Outsourcing Mngr (Industrial printing) 

    Nov 2006 – Sept 2007


    Outsourcing within EMEA. E.g. warehousing, all EMEA freight agreements, EMEA Inventory consolidation to 2 DC’s.


    • Training and education of the service organization
    • All interfaces/hardware between Videojet internal systems and LSP’s in place.
    • Write all logistics procedures incl. Visio flowcharts.


    • Negotiate contracts with the LSP’s
    • Centralization of returns inventory, Setup RMA/Warranty/repair flows per country. 
    • Allocate and ship/store ink products and printers in LSP’s warehouses in GE & SP.


    • Road/Sea/Airfreight handling, ULD breakdown & build-up
    • A good performance transparency of shippers and 3PLs, setup SLA’s & KPI’s.
    • An uninterrupted customs clearance.
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    DHL - Tiel Netherlands

    Transp. Manager (Fashion/apparel) 

    Nov 2005 – Okt 2006


    All traffic matters for Fashion Retail network +/- 1500 shops/day.


    • Lead planning dept. and maintenance of equipment, 45 trucks and 60 charters in season.


    • Setup Whs 12.500 m2 for summer/peak season. 
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    DHL - Venlo Netherlands

    Project Manager (Fashion/apparel) 

    Jan 2005 – Okt 2005



    Prepare relocation distribution department from Venlo to Tiel.


    • Investigate personal matters and possible relocation of employees.
    • Interviewing and hiring of new transportplanners and truckdrivers.
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    TNT - Netherlands

    WMS Roll-out Manager (Hi-tech)

    Dec 2003 – Dec 2004


    Project involved replacement of HP’s WMS system for TNT’s WMS system in 125 SPL Whs’s in EMEA.


    • Prepared project management planning and cost estimation.
    • GAP analysis, prepared plans and templates for various work areas, Training, go-live support.
    • Write all logistics procedures incl. Visio flowcharts.
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    TNT - Netherlands

    EDC Manager (Hi-tech)

    Jan 2002 – Dec 2003 


    Lead the semi-automated Multi-User DCE & offside locations. Main customer HP / Compaq.


    • Implemented job descriptions, ISO 9000, setup SLA’s & KPI’s, performance dashboard.
    • Updated/revised HR policies and procedures, personnel records, appraisal process.


    • Setup RMA/Warranty/repair flow department.
    • closing 3 offsite Whs’s & changing EDC whs layout
    • Staff reduced 20 %, increased productivity 65 %.
    • Maintenance of equipment, racking, interior, premises & landscape.


    • Responsible for Road/Sea/Airfreight handling.
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    HP / Compaq - Gorinchem Netherlands

    EMEA Head of Log. / DCE Manager (Hi-tech)

    Jan 1999 – Dec 2001 


    Fully automated Distribution center, with cranes, chain/belt conveyers, sorters scanners, sizing stations.

    • Capacity, revenue goals, quality, costs, Account management, Procurement. Profitability and service levels, 3pl Management for all EMEA DC’s.
    • Setup RMA/Warranty/rework/repair/reconfiguration department.
    • Headcount 33% down, Process redesign.
    • Updated/revised HR policies, Member of Project team (outsourcing of DCE).
    • Tune UK manufacturing and IT systems to meet the DCE inbound and EMEA requirements.
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    HP / Compaq - Gorinchem Netherlands

    Transp. Manager. (Hi-tech)             

    Jan 1995 – Dec1998

    • People & Transport mgmt. (100 – 150 trucks/day), Road/Sea/Airfreight handling, ULD breakdown & build-up
    • Safety and health, reviews, salary changes, promotions & disciplinary actions.
    • Tenders and rate negotiations, expense 10% down, productivity 30-40% up.



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    Conpax Packaging – Netherlands    

    Project, Log. & Transp. Mngr ( Packaging)

    May 1978 - May 1988 

    • Daily workload, Maintenance of equipment, racking, interior, premises & landscape.
    • Realized a complete relocation of the Whs (2x)
    • Manage all LDPE, HDPE and PP grain inbound and extrusion feed handling/procedures for Manufacturing of plastic packaging products.


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    HP / Compaq - Gorinchem Netherlands

    Whs. & Project Manager. (Hi-tech)

    Sep 1988 - Dec 1994

    • Designed and realized the complete lay-out and all system processes.
    • All operational flowcharts written & certified to ISO 9000.
    • Capacity planning, automation, development, staff training, setup SLA’s & KPI’s (dashboard design)
    • Maintenance of equipment, racking, interior, premises & landscape.


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    Royal Dutch Navy

    Elec/Mech engineer (Defence)

    May 1973 - May 1978

    • Maintenance and repair of elec. and mech. installations on Royal Navy ships.
    • (Switchboards & Engines for propulsion sys.
    • Hydrants, Pumps, Valves & Fittings for water & sewage install)



    *International Logistics

    *Reverse Logistics


    *Manage to 500 staff

    *Logistics network restructuring

    *Map Logistics services & costs

    *new customer implementation

    *Transport & Whs Mngmnt

    *Account mngmnt *Procurement Transport 24 yr's, Staff 14 yr's, Equipment 12 yr's, Offside whs 8 yr's, Consumables 12 yr's 

    *Site Development


    *Process redesign

    *ISO 9001

    *Tenders and rate negotiations.



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    Advanced courses Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Visio 1994 - 1997


    Fire-fighter (basic)

    broken image


    ISO 9001 1994 - 1995


    Trained in writing all Warehouse & Distribution QAP & SOP's

    Activities: Team member in the ISO certification pathway at HP/Compaq Computers EMEA

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    Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management 1991 - 1993

    broken image


    Parts, Warehousing, and Inventory Management Operations 1991 - 1993

    broken image

    Pax Christi College

    Diploma Electrical engineering 1969 - 1973




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    Tony Lemmers

    Manager Logistics & Trade Compliance at Katun EDC BV

    I did work with Theo on several projects and did learn a lot about communication towards customers and damage control as well as how to come to customer satisfaction. Because of his experience and knowledge difficult situations were handled with a certain grace. Without panic and negative emotions. An excellent way of managing projects and project teams.

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    Thea Ververis-den Uijl

    Vrijwilligster als Contact Ouderen Persoon at FNV Bondgenoten

    It was very nice working with Theo, as a professional teamleader,at the Compaq period we coöperate from 1996 until 2003, Theo and his team organised transportation throughout Europe,Middle East, Africa, Theo is a very professional and straight forward person, a social person with respect for human beings in person. Theo is a specialist in general for transportation, warehouse management, Inbound,Cross dock, process improvement, time management.
    It was my pleasure working with him.

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    Paul Bellemans

    Ready for the right challenge - Inspirational Leadership from within, sustained by values, is key



    Theo is an all-round exceptional skilled manager with a highly recognized expertise in logistics. With his level of competence he is able to do anything others might think is impossible. He knows how to bring about insights, plans and workable strategies. No problem is too complex when having shared his approach and knowing like no one else how to create and manage a team. I can highly recommend Theo for any managerial function where leading from within is practised, methodology is wanted and results appreciated.

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    amit paudel

    Logistics and Supply Chain Professional

    THEO is real hero for all labour worker.

    broken image

    Kick Schilp

    Contract Manager EMEA

    Worked with Theo on large projects throughout Europe for a major customer. Theo is easy going, a great team player and very knowledgeable in especially supply chain management. It has always been a pleasure working with him.

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    George Verschoor

    EMEA logistics expert/depot engineering at Hewlett-Packard

    Theo is a high expert in logistics ,warehousing,managing 3PL's, forwarder management, and people management.

    A real team player and always go for the 10 +

    broken image

    Victor Detaro

    Design Engineer at Al Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co

    I had worked together with Theo in coming up with a warehouse solution - it was my pleasure working with someone who was very knowledgeable in supply chain management. He was a genuine and a straight forward person - I know he would excel in everything he does, especially now that he is coming to Dubai.

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    Bert Ruitenbeek

    Regional Operations Director Pharmaceutical Wholesale at Walgreens Boots Alliance

    Theo proofed himself to be able to manage a complex pan-european project. He managed the project team in a enthusiastic and people oriented way whilst being strongly focussed on the customer, deadlines and responsibilities.

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    Marco Van Etten

    Senior Operations Manager | Change Management | Logistics & Distribution Expert | Six Sigma.

    Theo is a manager who knows his business, logistics, 3PL, transportation and being in charge of the business.

    Besides this Theo has the respect of his direct reports and all layers of the organisation top to bottom.

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    Ep Haven

    Owner at One makes a difference

    In my position as Director HR and Facility Services I learned to know Theo as a responsible and seasoned manager, who managed the Operations Dept. professionally. This also during the difficult time, where it was announced, that the DCE would be outsourced. In spite of that, Theo managed to retain all key personnel and keep the absence level very low.



    +31 6 41860992


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    0031 6 41860992

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    Nijmegen Area, Netherlands